Monday, April 13, 2015

Corporate Team Building Columbus - Summit Vision Ohio

"The Giant Swing"

Summit Vision high ropes courses consist of a series of elements built on poles 33 – 55 feet above the ground. The ropes course is designed to challenge individuals to overcome perceived limitations, take safe risks, expand their comfort zones, and reflect upon their own personal strengths and contributions to the group. Participants engage in extensive safety training before attempting the ropes course challenge.
One of the Ropes Courses includes a Giant Swing that challenges each individual to take a safe risk as mentioned above. The video below shows a College Team Building group participating and taking on the challenge of the Giant Swing. Check it out!

Team Building Columbus Ohio - "The Giant Swing" - Summit Vision Ohio 

Summit Vision also provides a variety of other specialized programs, fun days and picnics to meet the needs of businesses looking for an interesting and unique experience for their employees. We are happy to work in collaboration with event planners to provide the best possible experience for your group.


Summit Vision

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Team Building Columbus Ohio - Summit Vision

Experience the Zip Line

Summit Vision


Summit Vision provides the highest standard of quality in regards to safety, programming, staffing, and development in the field of Adventure Education. All programs are catered to meet the Educational needs of our clients and promote Character Development.
We believe that through the use of adventure and experiential learning tools, people have the opportunity to reach their full potential–both individually and as part of a larger team.
We utilize a variety of high & low element activities to promote Trust, Communication, Problem-Solving, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Decision-Making, Compromise, Perseverance, and Empathy. These skills can then be developed, reinforced and subsequently integrated into real life situations. Teams and Individuals gain the confidence and problem-solving skills to interact more successfully in their schools and work environments as a result of their participation in the Team Building and Character Development Adventure Based activities at Summit Vision.
Examples of activities and programs we provide are: Initiatives (ground-level team-building), Zip LinesRopes Courses, Pamper Poles, Giant SwingsCooperative Games, Climbing Tower, Company Picnics, Meeting Space, 7Summits Summer Day Camp, Special Events & Service Projects.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Team Building - Corporate Programs Columbus Ohio

Corporate Programs

Summit Vision Corporate Programs are designed in partnership with individual clients to support the unique goals and objectives of each corporation. Unlike the traditional way of teaching where you are given the lesson followed by a test, Summit Vision’s experiential learning method mirrors life in the fact that people are given the test first, and the lesson follows.
Experiential learning requires people to become cognitively, physically & emotionally involved in the challenge placed before them. The experiential learning cycle has four parts: Experience (also known as the challenge you must solve), Reflection (you look at what you just experienced), Generalization and Application (where you ask how you can use this new information & apply it to real life situations). Call us for more information on creating a program that is right for your organization: 614-403-3891
We help organizations discover how to be a better High Performing Team by addressing the following questions:  How are we currently operating as a team?  What do we consistently act on?  Who do we serve?  How do we express our natural abilities?  What does success look like?  What are our priorities?  How do work with each other?  What do we bring to our customers and partners?  How do we contribute?  What are our follow-up strategies?
Portable Programs: Can’t make it to us.  Summit Vision can travel to you and run our portable program at your site.  Whether a school, park, conference center or any other place you have in mind we can come to you.

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